Something that has been popping up all around me is the concept of determining a person’s
value. This can be described in a couple of different ways, one being the value that a person provides, another being the values that a person holds within themselves…as in what we contribute to the outside, versus what we hold as important qualities on the inside.

As artists, this is probably one of the most difficult areas to navigate. So much of society is set up in a way where value is based on earning money. Especially in America, it’s almost all we think about.

I was at this party a little while ago and someone asked me what I’ve been doing during the week and if I have a career path. I replied by outlining how I’m providing content and building a community to empower artists. Their response was, “Oh, wow…how do you plan on making money doing that?” 

It seems like this was such a natural question to ask in a discussion such as this, when a person describes what they want to do with their life, almost immediately they are met with asking can I make money doing this?

Here’s why this can be REALLY dangerous for artists:

When our value is based on earning potential, our own sense of worthiness can fall right in line with that too. We can begin to see ourselves as having less value than we actually do, from having less of an earning potential…or the opposite, an inflated sense of value from a heightened avenue of earning.

When our self-worth starts becoming dependent on what we earn, or believe we can earn, it’s very easy for fear to start moving in to challenge our ambitions and put us right back in the comfort zone of finding a safe way to make money.

And that’s when artists will end up settling for a life in the working world.

As a creative living off of a weekend job, food stamps, and moving back in with my dad, my ego would frequently LOVE to tell me how worthless I am relative to what American society deems I should be doing.

But letting that ego voice take over, or letting that fear manifest, only creates for us a belief that we have no value. And that belief structure is EVERYTHING!!!

I remember asking Aaron Cometbus one day (one of my heroes!) if he believes in karma, he replied, “Karma only really exists for those that believe in it.” I think I’ll always remember that…and that’s saying something because I hardly remember anything. (There’s a sneaky belief…)

These beliefs that we have can shape our reality…they can pave the road ahead for us, they can even determine our identity and how we think, how we feel, and ultimately how we act. Here’s a new belief that I have now and am starting to practice:

What if we can control and create our own beliefs? Get rid of the ones that hold us back and embody new ones that will take us to the places that we want to go.

What beliefs do you have that may be holding you back?

A lot of our beliefs were programmed into us from childhood. We might not even consciously know what they are. It can happen as quickly as one moment that will forever instill something into us. Like touching a hot stove.

These beliefs then form what is familiar to us and we develop our comfort zone from that. This is likely where we start running on autopilot in that comfort zone and then our reality becomes a series of experiences that reinforce what our prior beliefs are.

For instance, if we have the belief of not being a lucky person, we will consistently see ourselves in unlucky situations. Noticing more and more how this belief will be true for us.

So, how can we escape this?

First, the challenge is for us to start to become more conscious of what our beliefs are, and a lot of the time that comes from understanding what our fears are.

Things that challenge our familiar comfort zone will almost always result in fear, anxiety, self-doubt, or even depression. All of these result from our ego’s resistance to us reaching beyond the comfort zone…because then it becomes the danger zone (aka unknown territory).

Next, I think a very powerful tool is embracing what if thoughts to these beliefs.

Maybe it’s just me, but a big part of my anxious thinking is preparing for the worst-case scenario. I get into prep mode (sometimes panic mode) on how to handle certain situations not working out so I won’t be caught with my pants down. But the energy of always preparing for Plan B actually takes energy away from Plan A’s success…self-fulfilling prophecy anyone?

So something that I am rewiring is to think about a best-case scenario instead. Breaking away from preparing for the negative and actually welcoming in the positive. If we have a history of pessimism this is going to REALLY stretch our identity.

But what if that best-case scenario doesn’t happen?

If we prepare for downfall it will likely come, so instead we can trust that whatever future outcome that occurs will be perfectly aligned with who we are. We can trust that whatever the future brings will be either successes or lessons (to become successes later on).

Belief rewiring is a totally transformational process.

In turn, this is going to rewire our identity, our personality, and even our daily habits. The ripple effect can even get to find a different purpose for our lives.

But it is not going to be easy, as old habits die hard, but if we allow ourselves to have good/bad days and accept that this process is going to take weeks, months, YEARS…we have a real good chance at shifting ourselves for good.

After all, it took years for us to get to where we are now and how we’re currently thinking.

Shifting from my past economic mindset into this more spiritual mindset has been a game changer for me staying positive. Us creative people NEED to start believing in our value as people beyond our earning potential and believing that our creations will add value to others.

Lastly, I recently put out a YOUTUBE VIDEO on this notion of resistance and how our ego can fight back against us rewiring in the positive. I’ve gotten a lot of good responses to that, so check that out if you’re interested to hear more about that.

If you haven’t seen, the last BLOG POST I did was also touching on our beliefs so if you want to continue reading on this concept you can check that out as well.

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As always, much love & stay creative! 💜💛





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