Top 2 Reasons Why WE NEED ARTISTS


What is the purpose of our art?

To some of us, that may be an easy question to answer, but to others, maybe it requires a little more thought. Some would maybe even question what the point of art is as a whole. Some of us might notice beauty in every little thing around us while others can walk through a museum and wonder why nothing truly impresses them.

These days I have been turned on to a different perspective on creativity and its purpose. Especially within the music scene. It’s something that has been in my face for years, but was just not fully aware of how to articulate it…so here it goes:

Art, in its various forms, is for building a community. This can be centered around how folks share the artist’s perspective and celebrate that impact on their culture.

Yes, art on a surface level can be for enjoyment, fun, or just a form of entertainment in a lot of cases…but it is also one of the few times where no matter where we come from, we can connect through our shared experience.

This brings people together in various forms, to share thoughts on a film, sing the same song, gaze upon the same sculpture, or just listen to the same voice…that seedling of a community is being planted among us…something that unifies us to a particular garden.

In art we are not only sharing our inspired works, we are sharing who we are, where we come from, and our truth. We are sharing our story and our expression. Sometimes our creations may have deeper meanings than others, but the beauty is that when it is shared, others can attribute their own meanings as well.

When we are ready to release or expose our creation to the world, we can come back to this question and ponder:

What is the purpose of this piece?

Often this is something we can also think about when we are viewing the works of others as well. What does the artist want us to understand, or learn, or FEEL from experiencing their work?

When I first started my journey as a creator I wanted to write songs. I had been a musician and a performer, but not much of a writer. There was no manual for me on this, and I ended up mostly mimicking other songwriters that I loved, staying open to inspiration, and being really, really bad.

Of course, in the heat of the moment, the feeling of new song ideas or creating music is so exhilarating that it overshadows the objective talent of it all…but in the beginning, I hope we’re not too concerned about that anyway. We have time to figure that out.

The power is in our expression, the pain that we feel and observe, and representing the culture that we are showcasing.

Looking back on the content of my songwriting over the years and the inspirations they came from, I realize a lot of my stuff was centered around my loneliness, anxious discontentment, and even political reactions to certain events.

This brings me to the next layer of my initial question:

Artists can also use their platform to advocate and report what is happening within their community and its surroundings.

This may sound obvious to some, but only recently am I able to really grasp this conceptually in a way where I feel it may be a real responsibility for artists today.

Now more than ever, we have access to broadcast our voice. Whether it’s with content creation via social media, YouTube, or any other internet medium, we have the ability to build a community around sharing our perspective, raising awareness of things we deem necessary, and even inciting change within our society.

This purpose to me is just as valid and important as the former.

Honestly, with all of the propaganda and newfound awareness we have to be skeptical about our information sources, folks sharing their views in various forms has begun to be a real way that we are learning. Having the various art forms become places where ideas and experiences are shared is becoming something that is enlightening and elevating our society.

After all, if not us then who?

Who better to extend olive branches? Who better to speak for the culture? Who is a better representation of society than artists?

Sure, innovation and technology are cool, but when you really think about it:

Art is really the hallmark of a society’s success. It displays the true achievement of people coming together to support something that solidifies the legacy of a particular culture.

From the Motown music era to ancient Greek architecture to the Baroque movement, art is the shining example of a society’s greatness. This makes it even more disturbing to me how artists are treated in this modern age, but I digress…

I’ll leave you with this:

I have been talking a lot about setting intentions on my YOUTUBE SERIES and even in MY EMAIL LIST updates. So when you are creating and getting into that place where the idea has taken shape, let’s keep in mind what we intend to do with our art and what its purpose is.

What do you want people to feel? Are you raising awareness toward something? What change do you want to see? How can you incorporate your culture into your work?

Much love & stay creative! 💜💛





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