you don’t need to have it all figured out…


What if I told you that everything that has happened in your life is

That might relieve some of us, might trigger others, and some of us might disregard it entirely.

How can things be perfect if I am in debt?
How can things be perfect if my phone is breaking?
How can things be perfect if my car wouldn’t start today?

Well, truth is, we got ourselves into these situations…and now we have to get ourselves out. Thus making each thing
perfect…perfect for us to experience, learn from, and find success with.

As artists, but more importantly, as
humans, the natural state seems to be in our quest for something. What are we striving toward? What goals do we have? What bills need to get paid? What are the things we lack that we are working to have?

This time last year, I lost
EVERYTHING…but I was determined to figure out how this rock bottom situation was actually a huge blessing. Here’s what I figured out…

This may be the most
vulnerable I’ve ever gotten publicly. Being vulnerable is something that can be scary, but it can also be liberating and expansive…I choose to focus on that part.

If you follow my YouTube…and more specifically my HEALING JOURNEY updates, you’re aware of what I was coming from at the end of 2022–but to make a long story short:

I found myself newly single–leaving a relationship that I had invested
EVERYTHING into. I had to walk away from my living situation, jobs, our dog, and the future that I was building toward…

So I moved in with my Dad at 30 years old–broken, confused, anxious, and in a state of traumatic shock. It almost felt like reality wasn’t real…and I would have these nightmares that felt more real than the reality I was facing when I woke up…

It kinda felt like every day I woke up I was coming home to see my front door kicked in and someone had ransacked all that I loved to trash my place…what do I do now?

In this rock-bottom state, I made a powerful choice: to heal.

This took me back to my teenage years when I first entered recovery from drugs and alcohol. I made a similar choice that I wanted to live. I wanted to find a purpose for my life–I wanted to step away from the path of self-destruction and negativity.

Here I was again, except this time I was setting the intention to process, heal, and move forward in the most positive way.

I was ready to get to work. I was ready to do anything and everything to get through this period in my life and become a better person…the best person I could be.

Though it feels like the world around us is completely destroyed, it is in these moments where we can choose if we are going to let it break us or if it is going to make us stronger.

So I started with therapy, spiritual healing, and meditation. Through that, I restructured my beliefs, forgave my past misunderstandings, developed healthy routines, started new creative passions, found a higher self-awareness, became emotionally intelligent, found a new set of values, and ultimately became the artist I always dreamed of being.

Now looking back and what transpired throughout 2023, that rock bottom of 2022 couldn’t have been more perfect for me.

This is the attitude that I am bringing into 2024 and my main message for you…

If we can accept that everything in our life is perfect–and perfectly balanced–we can reframe hardships into blessings, failures into lessons, and ultimately, suffering into strengthening.

Each moment, good or bad, we can ask: what is this teaching us?

Our grief can teach us to value presence, our shame can teach us to find compassion, our guilt can teach us to forgive, our emptiness can teach us to manage expectations, our scarcity can teach us to be humble, our excitement can teach us where our passion lies, our love can teach us what our priorities are, and our ambition can teach us how we choose to see ourselves.

But all of these moments teach us how to be grateful that we are here for them and that we are becoming BETTER people by processing them as being perfect for us.

This is healing.

As I become more and more ingrained with this outlook, I begin to see it in other people. I see how their positive attitude reflects the work that they have done for themselves. They appear patient, understanding, helpful, polite, and very intentional for each interaction to not have a negative effect.

Lastly, what this outlook has brought to me as an artist is a newfound belief in myself. There is a knowing that things are always working in my favor…and this breeds an internal feeling of success.

Because as artists, I know a lot of us are striving for connection and to share our work with others in ways that alter perception. But often there can be a void that develops when we don’t feel accomplished, successful, popular, and even just from not being acknowledged at all.

But the outlook of everything being perfect is how we fix that.

Rather than relying on these external validators, we can rely on our internal state… which is one of gratitude, unwavering faith, and a continued determination that is fixed on growth as opposed to the end result.

After all, the greatest rock and roll artist ever once said, “You know the chase is better than the catch.” (Google it <3).

If you still want some more insight on my journey from my 2022 rock bottom, check out this LATEST UPDATEit may be my last healing journey update

Also, a little while ago I posted my first BOOK REVIEW and this was something that really solidified the outlook I talked about here… In that video, I talked about the 3 BIG shifts this ONE book was able to level me up with.
Shoot me a comment on those videos if you’re digging this, I hope you’re subscribed as well!

Much love & stay creative!





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